KALT Helados



We just love ice cream!

Kalt helados was founded in 2018 by three ice cream enthusiast who wanted to open an ice cream shop for years. Out of nowhere we got the chance to purchase all the machinery from an ice cream parlor that closed down. For two years the machines were producing test ice cream until in 2018 we just opened our own ice cream shop. Two years down the road we even have a web page...

We produce our ice cream with love and passion. It is very important for us that our costumers understand that all flavors have been tested so they reach our internal standards to produce the best ice cream in Marbella


It's what's on the inside that counts

We produce our ice cream inside our Elviria shop. It is small but state of the art. The most important ingredient in ice cream is quality. So we only use quality ingredients for our ice cream. We do not use artificial colors or stabilizers in our ice cream!! 

We are happy to produce personalized ice cream for offices, restaurants or ice cream stations.​